Sales Inquiries :


"Ravin did an excellent job for us. He did all the upgrades we requested and even add a few extra. He's smart and very talented, we highly recommend him. We deleted a few of the items on our task list because we simplified our website layout. Since it took less time, Ravin gave us a $150 discount. Thanks!"
Steve Golden
"Suman was a complete pleasure to work with! She always had an open line of communication and constantly kept me updated on the status of my project. The quality of her work is fantastic and she was always willing to go above and beyond to meet my needs. I look forward to working with her again! Great job!"
Julian Palei
"Deepak is extremely sharp and expertly knows his way around Shopify. When other developers proposed some complicated solution for my task, Deepak instead provided me with a much more efficient method which he explained until I fully understood. He even gave me tips on how to protect myself in the upwork contract, stating that he is going to do the job with the highest quality, and within the agreed upon initial terms. Whenever I need a project done in the future, I won't hesitate to call him up first."
Daryl Suharli
"Redhika and her team are truly fabulous. Throughout the whole process of our multi-month project, she was able to actively listen to our concerns, devise solutions, and implement them -- and, usually in lightning speed. In the end, we had a great finished product, which I am happy to say that we are proud of. We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in the Upwork community1"
William Wong
"Very professional. Great quality work. Great responsiveness. Really a fantastic experience working with them all around. I highly recommend this team for website building and quick troubleshooting"
Lubna Kay
"Ravin and his team did an amazing job on our website. It looks so professional now. I would recommend hiring Ravin for all your website needs."
Sandy Kacura
"Redhika was responsive and easy to work with but unfortunately unable to complete my Shopify store optimization."
Adrienne Spragg
"Deepak did a fantastic job with creating a custom Recipes section for our Shopify website. He came in under budget and on time. In fact, he was even able to listen to an additional request for a 'print' option of the recipes. He made a suggestion and then built it out... perfectly. I highly recommend Deepak for others and can't wait to use his expertise again. He was very easy to get in touch with and collaboration was wonderful! Thank you again Deepak!"
Brian Weiske
"Ravin did a great job! He has a lot of experience and was able to develop specific capabilities for my site, despite it being a very specific and different request. He was very honest upfront about the uniqueness of my request and that it may not be possible due to Shopify's platform limitations. Thankfully he was able to complete it and I'm glad that I had the opportunity to work with him. Other freelancers doubted that my request could be done, but Ravin was open to the opportunity and successfully completed the task. Thank you Ravin for a job well done!"
Danielle Francis
"Deepak has done a lot of work for us and is responsible for launching our new Shopify site. He has put in a lot of hours and is always available to work for us when needed. We really appreciate all his hard work and insight when it comes to custom requests. He communicates his progress very well and his skill set is very strong. We trust his suggestions and consider him a partner for our business. The only constructive feedback I would give is to be more diligent in checking his work. There were many instances the work was turned in with obvious errors. If he just took an extra 5 more minutes to check his work his performance would be flawless. I already have more work for Deepak and will be hiring him again very soon"
Brad musuraca
"Redhika's communication was great, very prompt, and her skills were reasonably strong. I enjoyed working with her and will be happy to work with her again in the future."
Orchid McGuffie
"Ravin was very helpful, polite and such a great person. He was very professional and was always available to answer questions and correct whatever I asked. He has been helpful in setting up my store and I will definitely work with him in the future and I recommend him."
Fatmata Bangura
"Deepak is incredibly talented and efficient. He communicated everything clearly and offered suggestions. I am happy we got to work together and I look forward to working together again."
Fabiola Zefi